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Happy New Year!!




We hope that all of you enjoyed your Holidays greatly! We hope that you were able to share the special time of year with all of those that you love the most! We missed you and we are looking forward to an awesome second half of our dance season. Happy New Year!! May all have a blessed, healthy and happy New Year!! Let's Love The World in the New Year!!!


Don't forget to take a look at the bottom of this newsletter for all of the important upcoming dates that are posted. You will not want to miss out. If you are looking at the newsletter on your mobile device, there are often times that the bottom of the newsletter will not pull up - ugh - our apologies for this! The webmaster is working on the problem.  Please feel free to use your desk top computer if this happens.  Once again, our apologies!!


All orders for dance shoes, tights, etc. can be placed on the 15th of each month. If you wish to order dance items please be sure to get in your order before the 15th - thank you! Order forms are located in the dance centre' lobby. Please be sure to order early, don't forget about picture weekend. All will need to proper shoes and attire for picture weekend.


~Saturday Practice - January 12th - 8:24AM.

~Dance Competition Fees #2 Due January 1st & Dance Competition Fees #3 Due February 1st - thank you! Including completed form.
~Razzle Dazzle - Saturday, January 19th - please be over prepared - thank you!!

~Specialty Payments for solos/duos due February 1st.

~Dazzler Camp Fees due March 1st.


Calling all experienced and dedicated dancers! If you are interested in trying out for our AWESOME Dazzler performing and competition team please talk with Ms. Barbara! Auditions are held during the 1st two weeks after school ends in June of every year. If you think that you are interested please let us know and we can you the Intensive Program Handbook that will better help you to understand our fabulous organization. This hand book will answer your questions concerning cost, expectations, rules and regulations, etc. We are looking for those dancers that are dedicated and truly have the love and passion for dance!


Dance Concert tickets for our 2019 LOVE THE WORLD Dance Concert will be on sale February 1st! Tickets are limited in number and will be first come first serve. Please look for and fill out the form that will be emailed to you soon (show days are Saturday, May 18, 2019- 5:00 PM and Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 2:30 PM). Please put form and cash payment in tuition basket or give to Ms. B (cash only please).  Tickets will be returned to your file around the beginning of March. Tickets go on sale beginning February 1. Tickets are $10.00 each before March 1st. and will be $15.00 each thereafter. So don’t delay! Now is the time to start thinking of the special guest that you would like to invite to our fabulous show!!!!


Don’t forget to buy your tickets for A Night of Razzle Dazzle - Saturday, January 19th, 2019! This event is a fund-raiser for our Dazzler Performing / Competition Team! The night will include an awesome performance by the Dazzlers along with some special guest all for just $15.00!!! Spaces are limited so don’t delay! Tickets will be available for purchase in the dance centre’ lobby. Tickets go quickly, so don’t miss out on this exciting event! Spaces limited!


Please check the dressing room for any items that may be left behind at BCFD. There is a trunk in the dressing room that all lost and found items are placed in.  Items not claimed within a couple of weeks, all are given to charity.


If you wish to schedule a private lesson to work on certain skill, to catch up on a problem area, or just to gain a little more confidence, please speak to Ms. Barbara to set up a time that is convenient! Cost is $25.00 per 1/2 hour.


Tuition Fees are due by the 1st day of each month, NO EXCEPTIONS! If payment is received after the 1st, please add the $10.00 late fee.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation!



Have your Birthday Party at the dance centre’! Let us do the work for you! We supply the facility, the costumes, the props, and dance instruction …. All for one low price. If interested speak to Ms. Barbara. Our parties are tons of FUN!



Costumes are arriving - wahoo! When you receive your costume make sure that you have all pieces and be sure to place your name or initials on all costume pieces. Be sure that you look at the costume example pictures posted in the book, located in the lobby. This will help all to see exactly how head and arm pieces etc., are to be worn. Also, take notice of the specified shoe color. Now is the time to start thinking about these things. If you need to order shoes please do so immediately, please do not wait until two weeks before the show to take care of details such as proper shoes and alterations! Thank You!


If you have any outstanding balances (i.e. - unpaid tuition for December or January, etc.) you will be unable to take home your costumes until all accounts are paid in full.  Please be sure to let your children know - thank you!


Costume pictures are in February, so please put your costumes in a safe place and don’t forget were you placed them! Please do not let your children play in your costumes until after the dance concert!



Pictures in our beautiful dance costumes will be taken on Wednesday, February 6, Thursday, February 7, 2019. This is the time to take individual and group pictures in your fabulous dance concert costumes. The pictures will be taken at the studio by a professional dance photographer.

Normal classes will not be held on Wednesday, Feb 6 & Thursday, Feb 7. 


Pictures will be taken individually in all the dance concert costumes. I would like to ask that all PLEASE show for picture day. We do take a group picture and it often means a lot to the families and me when all classmates are in the picture. Group photos are taken 1st, so don't be late for your picture time, Individual shots will follow - see picture times posted below.  ALL CLASS GROUP PICTURES ARE ALSO IN THE AWESOME DANCE CONCERT PROGRAM BOOK - too fun! Once again, it's important that all are in the group photos. 

For those of you that have purchased pictures in the past years you know how fabulous the pictures are!! Picture prices are comparable to school photo packages. If we can help with any questions please let us know - happy to help!


Even if you do not want to take individual pictures, please plan to attend for the group photo. All group photos are in the dance concert program book and are very important to all. Thank you!!!


Barbara’s Centre’ For Dance

2019 Costume Picture Schedule



Please make every effort to show for your picture days and times, as all group photos are placed in our awesome dance concert program book.  Please remember that any/all friend pictures of any kind are to be taken at the end of each picture day, pending the purchase of the friend package.  All will need to fill out a form upon arrival and all dancers will need to have the form in hand when they are in line for pictures.  The photographerhas asked that parents stay out of the room with the photographer, as parents tend to be a distraction.  Please remember your dance etiquette and please be courteous, as there are others waiting in line and all have a time schedule to keep.  Also, please be sure to share the dressing space.  If able, please arrive in advanced dressed and ready for your pictures – thank you!! All dancers are more than welcome to wear their hair any way that they wish for pictures.  However, all must have a HIGH BUN for the dance concert weekend in May.  More picture info, including prices, etc will be sent to all at a later date.


Wednesday, February 7th - Public School Early Release

1:45 Monday Intermediate Lyrical

2:20 Monday Intermediate Hip Hop

2:50 Monday amd Thursday Intermediate Jazz

3:30 Wednesday Elementary Clogging

4:00 Thursday Intermediate Tap

4:35 Monday and Wednesday Elementary Acronastics

5:05 Monday Intermediate Clogging

5:35 Wednesday Elementary/Mini Hip Hop  

6:10 Stars - Outstanding Dancers of the Year - Group Photo Only

6:20 Dazzler Group Photo ONLY – No Individual Shots - red outfit of your choice.

6:40 Cindy and the Fella

7:15 Neverland - Group ONLY - No individual shots

7:25 Monday Extreme Hip Hop

7:50 Tuesday Advanced Acronastics

8:15 She Bangs

8:45 Monday TOTAL Jazz


Thursday, February 8th

3:30  Monday Elementary Jazz

4:15  Monday Elementary Ballet

4:45 Monday Elementary Tap

5:15 Tuesday Advanced Tap

5:45 Monday PreDance

6:25 Wikked Lil' Girrrls

6:45 Tuesday Advanced Clogging

7:15 Thursday Intermediate Ballet

7:45 Thursday Advanced Ballet

8:15 Thurs Int/Adv Mus. Theatre - Group Photo Only - leotard and legwarmers of your choice - tan tights and jazz shoes.

8:30 Advanced Lyrical


Schedule may have minor changes before picture weekend. Be sure to read your Newsletter for updates, etc.



~Christmas Break! Studio Closed - Monday, December 24th  - reopens Monday, January 7th, 2019

~January Tuition Due - January 1st to avoid the late fee

~Public School Early Release – Wednesday, January 16th – Studio Opens @ 3:15 on this day

~Razzle Dazzle - Saturday, January 19th - 5 PM

~Public School Holiday – Monday, January 21st – Studio Opens @ 3:15 PM on this day

~February Tuition Due - February 1st to avoid the late fee

~LOVE THE WORLD Dance Concert Tickets go on sale - February 1st - $10.00

~Public School Early Release Day – Wed, Feb 6th – Studio Opens @ 3:15 PM on this day

~Costume Picture Weekend – TBA

~March Tuition Due - March 1st to avoid the late fee

~LOVE THE WORLD Dance Concert Tickets - price increase - March 1st - $15.00

~Dazzler Camp Fees Due - March 1st

~Public School Early Release Day – Wed, March 13th – Studio Opens @ 3:15 PM on this day

~Deadline to double check rough draft copy of the LOVE THE WORLD Program Book - Wednesday, March 20th

~Deadline for Dance Concert DVD, Program Book Ads & T-shirt Orders - Wednesday, March 20th

~Spring Break! Studio Closed - March 25-29, 2019

~April Tuition Due - April 1st to avoid the late fee

~Summer Class Fees Due - April 1st & May 1st

~Specialty Fees Due (solos, duo/trios) – April 1st & May 1st

~May Tuition Due - May 1st to avoid the late fee

~LOVE THE WORLD Dance Centre' Rehearsals - Monday,May 6th - Wednesday, May 8th – Monday, May 13th - Tuesday, May 14th, 2019,

~LOVE THE WORLD Dress Rehearsal - Friday, May 17th, 2019
~LOVE THE WORLD Dance Concert - Saturday, May 18th, 2019 - 5:00 PM
~LOVE THE WORLD Dance Concert Sunday, May 19th  2019 - 2:30 PM